A Little girl sings Shallipopi’s hit song ‘Elon Musk’ correctly:
A Little girl sings Shallipopi’s hit song ‘Elon Musk' correctly:

A viral video of a little girl singing along to Shallipopi's "Elon Musk" track has gotten the attention of many on social media.

A Little girl sings Shallipopi’s hit song ‘Elon Musk' correctly:

The young girl is seen belting out the lyrics with energy and enthusiasm, while a man next to her looks on in amazement.

The comments on the video range from those who are impressed by her talent, to those who are amused by her unbridled joy.

Overall, the video has gotten plenty of positive reactions and has even increased the popularity of the song.

See some reactions below:

michelle_jessy7: “This small girl na cultist in her first life nothing you wan tell me.” “She’s got a great memory just like MOST children; a clean slate and untapped potentials. It’s upto the parents what they allow her retain though. While this is ‘good’ content for social media users who don’t GAF if she had breakfast this morning, it’d be better to allow this princess learn and retain better things in her mighty brains.”

ayo_blockchain: “Bring this girl to Lagos lodge apartment make she come dy sing the song just invite pocolee to join you sing and quick do small video give tunde or gossip una don blow be that.”

felixanineh: “She is definitely going to replace this with her Nursery School Rhymes, no more “Pawpaw is a Kind of Food”, Elon Musk all the way.”

the_real_tobe_official: “The dance and the slapping of the head for another song took me out.”

maami_wealth: “Is this what a baby like this should be learning? Not everyone is old enough to raise a child.”

mr_izzyyy: “This girl na 27 years for another world I swear she just small for this world.”

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