Bobrisky gives conditions to the attendees of his father’s burial:
Bobrisky gives conditions to the attendees of his father's burial:

Bobrisky, a controversial figure known for crossdressing, has recently shared a set of conditions for individuals who wish to attend his father's burial.

The socialite's father sadly passed away earlier in August, prompting Bobrisky to cancel his annual birthday celebration in order to pay tribute to his father's memory.

In an effort to honor his father's life, Bobrisky plans to host a grand burial ceremony.

However, he has made it clear that the event will not be open to individuals from lower economic backgrounds. Additionally, he has outlined specific requirements that prospective attendees must adhere to.

One of these conditions stipulates that those who attend the burial ceremony must spray Bobrisky with no less than 200,000 naira.

This means that guests are expected to offer a monetary gift of at least that amount during the event.

He said
“Those of you here saying you want me to invite you to my dad burial well there are conditions.

1) you will come and spray mummy of lagos notning less than 200k cos you all know my party is luxury.. enough food and drinks”

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