Controversy Erupts Over Bobrisky’s ‘Best Dressed Female’ Award
Controversy Erupts Over Bobrisky's 'Best Dressed Female' Award

The award for 'Best Dressed Female' given to the well-known crossdresser, Bobrisky, at a recent movie premiere has sparked controversy. Bobrisky was honored with the award and received a cash prize of N1 million at the event in Lagos over the weekend.

Controversy Erupts Over Bobrisky's 'Best Dressed Female' Award

However, Portable, in a video message shared on Instagram, criticized the judges for selecting Bobrisky as the winner, arguing that it was unfair to the women at the event. He pointed out that Bobrisky is transgender and should not be considered equivalent to women, despite any surgeries he may have undergone.

Portable expressed disbelief that Bobrisky, a man, was chosen over the many beautiful women present. He even threatened to physically harm Bobrisky for what he perceived as a slight against men.

In response, Bobrisky took to his Instagram story, warning Portable to stop provoking him or face serious consequences.

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