Dotun, Estranged Wife’s grants him access to their kids:
Dotun, Estranged Wife's grants him access to their kids:

In the latest development of the ongoing drama surrounding popular OAP Dotun and his estranged wife, Taiwo, Taiwo has announced that she is willing to grant Dotun access to their children whenever he wants.

Dotun, Estranged Wife's grants him access to their kids:

This statement comes after a court order was issued in June 2022, which divided custody of the children between the two parents. Dotun has reportedly spent time with the children in July, and now Taiwo is hoping for an amicable resolution.

However, tensions have escalated recently due to Dotun posting a video of the children on TikTok, which led to negative comments from his followers.

According to Taiwo, things took a turn for the worse in December 2022 when Dotun was due to have their children for the holiday season.

An argument ensued when Taiwo requested that he return the children after Christmas so they could spend New Year's with her. This disagreement, she claims, only increased the tension between them.

In addition, Taiwo accused Dotun of humiliating her throughout their marriage, claiming that once he became successful, he began criticizing her appearance and intimate details of their relationship. She said this negatively affected her self-esteem.

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