Ex President Donald Trump slams Political Bias in the Hush Money Trial
Ex President Donald Trump slams Political Bias in the Hush Money Trial

Former President Donald Trump, who is currently running for president in 2024, is not only protesting the ongoing hush money trial but also preparing his supporters for the possibility of a guilty verdict.

Ex President Donald Trump slams Political Bias in the Hush Money Trial

At political rallies, on social media, and in statements to reporters, Trump has been attacking the trial, claiming political bias and a "rigged deal." According to aides, legal analysts, and a review of his remarks, Trump's strategy is to persuade voters to disregard a potential guilty verdict.

Trump has been accused of improperly influencing the 2016 presidential election by paying hush money to women to keep them from publicizing sexual liaisons. He has pleaded not guilty and faces trial in New York. Despite occasionally expressing optimism about the outcome, Trump has spent more time claiming political bias by the judge, prosecutors, and jury pool, and arguing without evidence that his political opponents will do anything to put him behind bars.

Legal experts say Trump has little choice but to prepare for a guilty verdict, given how it might affect his campaign against President Joe Biden. Trump's targets include moderate and independent voters who have long been skeptical of his behavior. While his base will likely believe his claims, it's unclear how independents will react.

Trump has also predicted that a guilty verdict would be reversed on appeal, a step that would not be necessary if he is acquitted or if there is a hung jury. His latest effort to prepare supporters for bad legal news comes at a campaign rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, where he will likely continue to attack the trial and claim political bias.

Overall, Trump's strategy is to discredit the trial and prepare his supporters for a potential guilty verdict, while also targeting moderate and independent voters who may be swayed by his claims of political bias. However, legal experts say that even if Trump is convicted, he has a good chance to have the case reversed on appeal.

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