Gracious Brown shares greatest regret in life
Gracious Brown shares greatest regret in life

In an interview with content creator Egungun, Gracious Brown expressed her greatest regret as gaining fame through her brother, James.

Gracious Brown shares greatest regret in life

The siblings are now estranged, with James Brown publicly disowning her for supporting his neighbors in a fight against him.

She admitted that, despite James Brown being at fault in the incident, she took his side and didn't understand the narrative he presented on social media. Gracious mentioned that James often boasted that she was responsible for his fame and would threaten her on various occasions. She claimed he had access to her social media accounts and had disabled them multiple times.

As he was also her manager and she trusted him as family, she couldn't believe he would behave in such a manner. However, James had been consistently domineering, even going as far as to chase her out of the house during their disagreements.

Gracious Brown also revealed that her celebrity crush is Wizkid, and she is a big fan of the artist.

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