Israel Adesanya Stunned by Judges’ Decision in KSI vs fury:
Israel Adesanya Stunned by Judges' Decision in KSI vs fury:

Israel Adesanya, UFC Middleweight Champion, has expressed his surprise at the outcome of the bout between KSI and Tommy Fury.

Israel Adesanya Stunned by Judges' Decision in KSI vs fury:

Adesanya believes that KSI, the YouTuber-turned-boxer, was not given the credit he deserved and should have been named the winner of the fight.

The decision has sparked debate, with many questioning the judges' decision. Adesanya's support for KSI highlights the impact of the fight and its controversial outcome.

Adesanya went on to further explain his opinion on his YouTube channel, stating that the fight was very close but he felt that KSI had done enough to win based on the judges' criteria. He added that the point deduction for Fury may have been the deciding factor in the outcome.

He also acknowledged the controversy surrounding the judges' decision, as KSI has been very vocal in his belief that he was the rightful winner. The point deduction for Fury, which was followed by the incorrect announcement of the result, only added to the confusion.

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