Korra Obidi’s GoFundMe Surpasses $49k in Legal Battle with Ex-Husband
Korra Obidi's GoFundMe Surpasses $49k in Legal Battle with Ex-Husband

Nigerian dancer and mother of two, Korra Obidi, has received an overwhelming response to her GoFundMe appeal for financial support in her ongoing legal battle with her ex-husband, Justin Dean.

Korra Obidi's GoFundMe Surpasses $49k in Legal Battle with Ex-Husband

The campaign has raised over $49,000, demonstrating strong backing from her fans and followers.

Shortly after launching the GoFundMe campaign to cover her legal fees, Korra Obidi quickly surpassed the $49,000 mark, indicating robust support from her fan base.

Korra Obidi found herself in need of financial aid due to a legal dispute with her ex-husband, Justin Dean, concerning custody and image rights of their children.

Korra Obidi is thrilled by the outpouring of support as fans donate over $49,000 to her GoFundMe in less than 24 hours amid her legal battle with her ex-husband.

Justin Dean recently obtained image rights protection from Meta, Facebook's parent company, preventing Korra Obidi from featuring their children on the platform.

As a result, all videos featuring her children were removed from Facebook, and her page was demonetized.

In light of this, Korra Obidi took to social media to express her distress over the high legal fees needed to challenge Dean's actions in court.

She launched a GoFundMe campaign, aiming to raise $100,000 to cover her legal expenses. The response to Korra Obidi's appeal has been remarkable.

In just 24 hours, donations poured in, quickly exceeding $49,000 and continuing to rise.

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