Osun school pupils don dey hospitalised after Dem inhale teargas wey dey fired by police:

Some students of Fakunle Unity High School for Osogbo, Osun, don dey hospitalized after Dem become unconscious as dey go inhale teargas wey men of Mopol 39 Base don fire, and Dem dey located directly opposite the school premises.
One source don tell Shegzeblog say the school's management don hurriedly shut down academic activities on Tuesday, May 23, after the incident.  

The source talk say the pupils don already dey their various classes when teargas dey fired by the riot policemen engaging in their morning drill filtered into the premises.

Some of the pupils don det consciousness after Dem inhale the gas and Dem don  rush Dem to one private hospital wey dey located near the school for treatment, while others don go  Osun State University Teaching Hospital, Osogbo. The school don shut down to prevent more casualties. 


A parent simply identified as Gideon said; 


“When I got here, I was told to check Uniosun Teaching Hospital for my daughter. The students had been sent home after about 20 of them lost consciousness after inhaling tear gas fired by the men of the Mopol base here.”

 Spokesperson of the Osun State Police Command don confirm say the riot policemen dey engage in their usual morning drills. He also don apologise to those wey dey affected.

She said; 


“I just spoke to the people at the Mopol base. They were just engaging in their morning drills, which involved the use of tear gas. We apologise for the inconvenience. There will be necessary adjustments in operation since the base is now close to where other people also operate their businesses.”