Yahoo boy don rejoice after hin make hin first cash out of $30:

One young scammer wey una know as Yahoo Boy don go gaga after he make hin first cash out of about $30 from hin client online.
The young man wey go hin  page on social media don disclose say he don make hin first cash out from hin “yahoo yahoo” business.

The young boy dey rejoice for one video as he don disclose how he move from hoping for $25 to $30. He don finally hail hinself for being able to finally cash out.

Some social media users don react to the video and the ‘achievement’ of the young boy.

@DEqueen: “Omo werey 😂😂😂30dollar wey nor buy hennesy”.

@iam_fagucci: “😂 u sha dey collect ..kelekele lolaye oo”.

@oluwakuwait_00; “Idan no dey fear EFCC nah EFCC dey fear idan”.