Michael Cohen to Testify Against Trump in Hush-Money Trial
Michael Cohen to Testify Against Trump in Hush-Money Trial

Donald J. Trump has consistently surrounded himself with a variety of lawyers. These include those who are media-savvy, experienced in criminal law, aggressive litigators, corporate attorneys, and legal advisors dealing with their own legal issues.

Michael Cohen to Testify Against Trump in Hush-Money Trial

Among them was Michael D. Cohen, uniquely positioned as both a lawyer and enforcer. Cohen, who was fiercely loyal to Trump, kept his secrets and resolved his problems, earning him the reputation of a "fixer."

However, this week marks a turning point as Cohen is set to testify against Trump in his criminal trial in Manhattan. Cohen, who was once like a surrogate son to Trump, will reveal some of the buried secrets and expose the mess that prosecutors claim Trump was eager to conceal.

Here's the latest.
Concerns about female voters influenced Trump's decisions regarding hush money, Cohen testifies.
Trump remains composed in court, but his emails reveal a different story.

David Pecker, blurring the lines between journalism and business, mastered 'catch and kill' deals.
J.D. Vance, a potential running mate for Trump, joins him in court.
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Michael Cohen was once paid to resolve Donald Trump's issues. Now, as he prepares to testify in Trump's criminal trial, he becomes one of them.

Prior to Cohen's testimony, Justice Juan Merchan instructed prosecutors to prevent Cohen from discussing the case.

Witnesses have described Trump meticulously overseeing his business, a narrative prosecutors are constructing to persuade the jury that he was likely aware of the hush-money payment.

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