Music Producer Alleges Unpaid Royalties and Lack of Support from Mercy Chinwo (video)
Music Producer Alleges Unpaid Royalties and Lack of Support from Mercy Chinwo

Dr. Roy, a former music producer for Mercy Chinwo, has recently spoken out about his experiences working with the gospel music sensation.

Music Producer Alleges Unpaid Royalties and Lack of Support from Mercy Chinwo

Dr. Roy alleges that despite dedicating extensive hours to working on Mercy Chinwo's projects, including the "Excess Love" album and other tracks, he did not receive the royalties he was due.

According to Dr. Roy, he and Mercy Chinwo worked tirelessly, often for 22 hours straight over several days, to produce music together. Despite his efforts, Dr. Roy claims that he was not compensated for his work, highlighting a significant issue within the music industry regarding the fair treatment of producers and artists' collaborators.

In addition to his claims of unpaid royalties, Dr. Roy also revealed a personal hardship he faced while working with Mercy Chinwo. When his father fell ill, Dr. Roy reached out to Mercy Chinwo for assistance. However, he was disappointed by her response, stating that all she told him was, "He'll be fine." This lack of support during a difficult time further exacerbated Dr. Roy's frustrations with the situation.

Dr. Roy's story sheds light on the challenges faced by music producers and collaborators in the industry, highlighting the importance of fair compensation and support from artists. His experience serves as a reminder of the need for transparency and fairness in the music industry to ensure that all contributors are valued and respected for their work.

He said in an interview

"Me and mercy chinwo, we dey sleep 5:00 a.m. we go con wake up by 7:00 a.m. we go come start work again till 5:00 a.m. back to back, all my Hope be say all that time dem dey tell me say as I dey work on Mercy project, I go dey get some kind millions, I con dey happy say e dey work say the hustle way we dey put in e go pay, you know wetin hin be for you to put in work, you dey expect say with this work everybody for your family go dey alright. All this time wey all these things dey happen Mercy's excess love don dey pick
I produced excess love, bor ekom ,omekannaya you dey bless me on a regular day, receive it, receive it it's your inheritance in Christ , you're an incredible God all this song na hin I produce from mercy chinwo, my father gets stroke, I even call am tell am say my father no well if you get anything wey you go fit assist me with just assist, so I go fit take care of my father, she say make I know worry say he go dey alright."

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