Reactions as wunmi Mohbad’s wife refuses to get a DNA test done
Reactions as wunmi Mohbad's wife refuses to get a DNA test done

Wunmi, the late singer Mohbad's wife, strongly refuses to conduct a DNA test on her son, Liam, expressing her disapproval of the singer's actions.

Reactions as wunmi Mohbad's wife refuses to get a DNA test done

In an audio interview circulating online, she emphasized that Liam is her biological child, and she alone gave birth to him. Wunmi firmly stated that those requesting a DNA test have no authority to demand it from her and should respect her decision.

Wunmi said:

“Mohbad was my husband till deáth. He put a ring on my finger and he deflowered me. He was the only man that ever saw my nakédness. I am the mother of my son. None of you have the right to tell me to do DNA except I wish to. You all are mad. Liam will never be a victim like his father, he will be a victor. I don’t have any money to give bloggers but genuine fãthers and mothers are supporting me”.

Read the comments below:

endylight1 said: “I am in support of her, Mohbad never 2765 questioned her about the baby so you that is looking for DNA should go and do yours. If you like insult me, I wish you the same”

scoobynero said: “I thought she was waiting for COURT ORDER ?”

nahlikaa_ said: “Wunmi it’s getting harder for the 593 sisterhood to defend you. Please…”

i.karlis said: “Her plans has worked out for her she has been looking for a way to decline”

foxandfingrrs said: “Case closed. Kid doesn’t belong to mohbad now can we move on??”

jjeada said: “So sad that mohbad didn’t have loved ones around him. Poor mohbad they just k!Iled you out of selfishness. Any woman that trust herself that knows her child belong to her husband will quickly accept this DNA without thinking twice.”

mr_temidayo said: “She has just given Mohbad’s father more reason to pressure her for a DNA test. This message carries a fishy meaning. Anyone who is advising this lady is not giving her good advice.”

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