Tiffany Haddish’s Brave Battle with Endometriosis and Miscarriages
Tiffany Haddish's Brave Battle with Endometriosis and Miscarriages

Tiffany Haddish has faced eight miscarriages in her struggle with endometriosis, with the most recent occurring last year.

Tiffany Haddish's Brave Battle with Endometriosis and Miscarriages

The 44-year-old comedian, who was in a relationship with Common between 2020 and 2021, shared her personal challenges with People on April 25.

"It's incredibly devastating," she expressed. "I'm left wondering why there's so much blood. Then I visit the doctor, and they confirm that I'm miscarrying." She explained that she undergoes a D&C (dilation and curettage) procedure to remove the pregnancy tissue.

"Every time I learn I'm pregnant, I make a conscious effort to avoid drinking, smoking, or doing anything harmful," she added. "Even if I'm not particularly keen on having the baby, I still want to give it a chance."

Despite being celibate, Tiffany is dating "multiple guys" but is uncertain about remarrying after divorcing ex-husband William Stewart in 2011 and 2013. "Part of me wants to be a mother," she mentioned. "I have all this love to give, and I should share it with someone who can grow with it."

Tiffany experiences long, painful periods, fainting spells, and has had surgery to remove fibroids due to endometriosis, a condition where the endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus, causing pelvic pain.

"The pain is intense," she described. "It's like someone is kicking me in the back." She added, "I'm pretty sure the devil exists because on the first day of my period, everything goes haywire. My life feels like it's turned upside down."

However, she remains hopeful, noting, "The last two months haven't been as severe. I feel a bit drowsy, but I've been exercising more. My period has gone from lasting 11 days to just four or five, which is more normal, so that's a relief."

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