(Video): Lady molested over indecent dressing 
Lady molested over indecent dressing 

A video hovering online has captured a lady who was molested, abused over her indecent dressing will working on the road.

According to the video a man has put it upon himself to attack the indecency of the lady, as he wet her up with a bottle of table water.

Following the man’s reproach towards the lady’s indecency, he said “Don’t you have a father or a mother who should checkmate you before leaving the house this morning.

He further said “This is the reason why you hear rape case everywhere, and the ritual act conducted on ladies.”

Although a lot of Netizens supported the act while some followed the indecency of the lady stating that she has the right to wear whatever she wants to wear.

Here are some reactions:

@sexy_steel21: “This is absolutely wrong....why the harassment??...Try this abroad you will be jailed,…….We always claim to be righteous, but we are the worst human beings on earth.”

@justinverz: “Do people use public transport with their nipples hanging out abroad.”

@mr_kenex: “But wait oh, this people no get family, why shame no dey people eye like dis.”

@danTiana42: “I agree what the girl is wearing is indecent, she is an adult and she is responsible for her actions, that man has no right whatever  to harass her like that. i couldn't even watch the video to the end.”

@Emem: “The same way people said they can vote who they like now we have Tinubu and we are all suffering for it. 

You don't do what you like, you only do what's right.

And what she's doing isn't acceptable in any sane society.”

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