(Video)Portable’s Signee, Yung Duu Spotted Riding Commercial Bike After Boss Confiscates His Car:
(Video)Portable's Signee, Yung Duu Spotted Riding Commercial Bike After Boss Confiscates His Car:

The signee of Nigerian artist Portable Omolalomi, known as Yung Duu, was spotted riding a commercial motorcycle after his boss confiscated his car for allegedly having low show earnings.

Portable publicly criticized Yung Duu for accepting to perform at shows for a fee as low as 70,000 Naira, which he believes is not enough to sustain the artist's career or the record label.

In a recent video that went viral, Yung Duu was seen riding a commercial motorcycle, while trying to hide his face. However, fans recognized him and mocked him for his predicament.

Reactions trailing Yung Duu:

“It’s all fun and games because it’s portable, but this guy might actually be going through op……pre…ssion.”

swag_omoluabi penned: “You collected the car from your artist because he didn’t congratulate the other fellow artists in the label. Portable na big wayray!!!!”

bombragads wrote: “This is it right here, ya’ll are here laughing and mocking him now, if only ya’ll know d hurt these upcoming Artists go through. Especially the ones signed to these unserious labels, they package u, give u clothes, and make u look like you’ve arrived. Meanwhile u broke die, no funds, and u can’t even do a normal hustle. U can’t live a normal ordinary bcos u will be mocked by d public if seen, just like ya’ll are doing now. I know a lot of them in this condition. Stop it, these guys really suffer emotionally.”

_.blessinge siad: “You guys should stop please it’s enough! Consider his mental health! It’s not easy for someone without talent to be signed and still things are not still going well with him. You guys should be kind with your words, he’s human too.”

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