West African Tension as France, US Respond to Niger Military Junta’s Aggressive Moves:
West African Tension as France, US Respond to Niger Military Junta's Aggressive Moves:

Niger's military junta is OUTRAGED at the French ambassador, Sylvain Itte, for snubbing a meeting with the foreign minister.

The junta just slapped Itte with a "get outta here" notice, ordering him to skedaddle within 48 hours! The ministry also cited "other actions" by the French government that didn't sit well with Niger, but didn't specify what those actions were.

France is not pleased and has acknowledged the junta's request, so this could be the beginning of a diplomatic tug-of-war.

The French Foreign Ministry has stated that they have received the request for the ambassador’s departure from the illegitimate military regime in Niger, and they do not recognize the authority of the putschists to make such demands.

Furthermore, it has been reported that the US State Department has been made aware of rumors circulating about the potential expulsion of American diplomats.

These developments raise significant concerns about the stability of the diplomatic situation in Niger.

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