Why my daughter was rejected at school – Korra Obidi 
Why my daughter was rejected at school – Korra Obidi 

US based Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi who is also a singer-songwriter and model, shares her struggle to enroll her daughter, June, in school.

Why my daughter was rejected at school – Korra Obidi 

Despite attempting to bring June to school, Korra was informed that her daughter could not be accepted due to her absence for a week.

This unexpected turn of events left Korra feeling frustrated and uncertain about the next steps.

To address the school’s demand for a doctor’s note, Korra Obidi shared her determination to fulfill the necessary requirements.

She acknowledged the challenging nature of the situation, emphasizing that while it may not be the biggest regret of her life, it certainly presented difficulties in maintaining her composure.

Korra’s focus now lies in obtaining the required documentation to secure June’s enrollment.

She said; “I tried to take June to school today snd I couldn’t because she hasn’t been in school for a week and they didn’t want to accept her. June is basically not in that school anymore until they get a doctor’s note. I’m not gonna say that this is the biggest regret of my existence but it’s really hard to stay graceful.”

AtinukeAjokeade reacted: “If it’s your denied is the problem, it’s better to come down to Nigeria with them than to loose them in that State, think well my dear sister.”

@innocentekanem797 said: “Tell us why she was not in school for a week?”

Spartan reacted: “One thing about kora she gon put her whole personal life on social media.”

LadyDee reacted: “Did you pay her school fees if she was sick she needs a doctors note it’s like that for all schools.”

Papa reacted: “Why was she out of school for a week?“

@lola reacted: “Take kids to a public school abi.”

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