Death Threats Follow Nasboi’s Criticism of Wizkid
Death Threats Follow Nasboi's Criticism of Wizkid

Popular artist and skit creator Nasboi has revealed that he's been receiving death threats after criticizing Wizkid for disparaging Don Jazzy.

Death Threats Follow Nasboi's Criticism of Wizkid

Nasboi had lambasted Wizkid during an interview on the Bahd and Boujee podcast for mocking Don Jazzy during a recent social media meltdown.

In a recent interview with Cool FM, Nasboi claimed that he has been targeted with death threats since his appearance on the show.

He said, “It’s like once you’re a celebrity, you do not have an opinion. But you, who is a normal guy on the street, you have an opinion. You can decide to say you love Wizkid over Davido and that’s okay. And me, who’s a normal guy who is a celebrity, shouldn’t have the same privilege?

“Because of what I said in my recent podcast interview. It’s a simple question: Do you think Wizkid offended Don Jazzy with his statement? They asked me a direct question and I think yes.

For calling him an influencer, I feel like the context wasn’t okay. I would feel bad. And because of what I said about WizKid, somebody is in my DM saying I will die like my brother.”

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