Even Phyno won’t disrespect him – Rapper Illbliss attacks Phenom for belittling Mode 9
Even Phyno won’t disrespect him – Rapper Illbliss attacks Phenom for belittling Mode 9

Popular Nigerian rapper Tobechuckwu Melvin Ejiofor also known as Illbliss has attacked  his fellow artist, Phenom, for belittling one of the biggest rapper in Nigeria music industry Mode 9.

Following an interview on The Yarns podcast, Phenom expressed his disinclination to follow Mode 9’s path, preferring to achieve commercial success comparable to that of Phyno.

The ‘Murder Dem’ crooner described his visit to Phyno’s opulent home and imagined a future with Phantom cars adorning his own garage like Phyno’s own. 

Although he is not trying to put anyone down, he believes rappers like Mode 9 have a mental problem when they wear baggy jeans and talk about Hip Hop being a culture.*

Phenom said; “I don’t see Mode 9 as someone I want to be like. I would rather be somebody that is commercially successful. I was Phyno’s house few days ago, I wanna have Phantom parked in my house”

In response, Illbliss expressed his disappointment, stating that even his colleague, Phyno, would not disrespect the Hip Hop pioneers who paved the way before him.

Using his Twitter platform, the rap icon corrected Phenom, stating that Modenine is a living legend, highly respected for his significant contributions to Hip Hop culture.

He posted on Twitter;

“Even Phyno would never disrespect the Hiphop pioneers that came before him, with phantoms parked in his garage.

“Really truly disappointed Phenom. Mode9 is a living legend, alive and well, incredibly decorated and respected for his contributions to Hiphop culture. I hate the disregard!”

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