“How my girlfriend cheated on me while simultaneously helping me look for a job” – Man reveals
“How my girlfriend cheated on me while simultaneously helping me look for a job” – Man reveals

A Nigerian man on the popular microblogging platform Twitter identified as @Darkbreedd, has poured his heart out, recounting a heart-wrenching experience of how his ex girlfriend was cheating on him while actively helping to look for a job.

“How my girlfriend cheated on me while simultaneously helping me look for a job” – Man reveals

According to the man, he said they had been dating since their university days, and his girlfriend, who had been diagnosed with Lupus, played a significant role in his life.

During his 300 level days, the girlfriend had been actively involved in helping him secure job opportunities and internships as a software engineer.

However, the shocking revelation came when he discovered that, despite the sacrifices and loyalty he believed were foundational to their relationship, his girlfriend was cheating on him with a medical doctor.

The doctor, who had a fiancee, allegedly concealed his relationship status, referring to the girlfriend as a “close friend.”

The young man expressed his confusion over the situation, emphasizing the irony that the person with an autoimmune disease was engaged in infidelity.

He shared how the doctor’s fiancee eventually discovered the affair, leading to a breakup and leaving @Darkbreedd’s girlfriend heartbroken.

In his words;

“People need to wake up o. Girl i was dating while i was in 300 level was everywhere on this space soliciting and looking for jobs/internships for me as a software engineer while also cheating on me with a doctor.

“Sacrifice and loyalty are two worlds apart. You need both. Every-time i tried to have a conversation about her relationship with him.

She’d manipulate me with the amount of sacrifice and work she’s putting into ours. 

“Crazzy times man😹 I need that shit and i’m grateful for it.

“Ngl man Things like this will open your eyes. You wont carry trust from 2023 into 2024 without confirming to see if they still deserve your trust. Crazzy part is she had Lupus.

I couldn’t wrap my head around how we were both making sacrifices but the one with the auto immune disease was the one cheating 😹💔 Make it make sense.

“Doc had a fiancée who broke up when she found about about my girl. They had printed out their wedding invitation card but my own girl wasn’t aware she was his fiancée, Doc never mention, he just always said “close friend”

“Lady broke up without saying a word, it broke the Doc. He dropped my own girl, my own girl figured she was his side piece and play thing. Same thing she was doing to me.

Funny how she kept telling me everything as a form of “reassurance” but i was reading through the line. She was heart broken and i could see it but i couldn’t break up on the spot coz she had Lupus.

Her emotions and her health are tied together. So i had to wait a little for her to heal while also dropping reassurance from my own then i broke up.

“She went quiet for some days, very sure they rushed her to the hospital. I was sure her flares got triggered from my text

I didn’t bother texting to know what’s up coz i didn’t care anymore. Texted me later and was begging, “can we still be friends” “Did i do something” Then switched up on me for “doing her bad”

Narcissist oshi 😹 I remember trying to cheat back but na. I couldn’t. The disadvantages were more on her end. Someone that has lupus?? She go just die throwway from the heartbreak. I was being kind anyways.”

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