“If You’re Unhappy, Leaving May Not Be the Answer”-De Laurentiis
“If You're Unhappy, Leaving May Not Be the Answer”-De Laurentiis

Napoli's owner, Aurelio De Laurentiis, has warned players that they will not be able to leave the club easily if they are not happy there.

De Laurentiis

This statement was made in response to Victor Osimhen's contract extension talks, which have been ongoing for some time.

De Laurentiis told Spanish TV program El Chiringuito that he believes Osimhen will eventually sign the new contract, but he is also confident that no player will find it easy to leave the club. The Napoli owner added that Osimhen always performs well and is an important part of the team.

De Laurentiis' warning to players also came with a caveat, saying, "If you're not happy here, it's your problem if you leave and no longer find your path."

The Napoli owner was referring to players who may be unhappy with their contract offers or the team's direction, and who may consider leaving the club.

De Laurentiis' comments came amid ongoing contract extension talks with Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen, whose current contract expires in 2025.

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