Mr Ibu’s wife plans to siphon money donated for the actors health condition- leak chat reveals
Mr Ibu’s wife plans to siphon money donated for the actors health condition- leak chat reveals

Following a lot of evidence hovering on the popular social media platform Instagram a huge allegation has been leveled on the Mr Ibu’s wife over doubting the genuine motivations behind the fundraising activities. 

The adopted daughter of the popular actor, Jasmine’s close friend, has also stepped out to reveal the hidden truth on the incident.

Mr Ibu’s wife was accused in the chats of attempting to syphon donated monies to satisfy her selfish desires.

According to a family source, even before Mr Ibu had his surgeries, his wife had expressed a desire to purchase the latest iPhone and new cars.

Many people are now doubting the genuine motivations behind the fundraising activities as a result of this disclosure.

Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, Jasmine’s close friend, has also stepped out to throw light on the incident.

According to the acquaintance, despite the problems between Mr Ibu and his wife, Jasmine was the one who initially took him to the hospital when he became ill. 

However, even before Mr Ibu had undergone any surgery, the wife allegedly insisted that the money be used to achieve her extravagant fantasies.

To make matters even more complicated, it has been claimed that Mr Ibu’s wife utilised her personal bank account to receive a considerable sum of one million naira from the donations.

Surprisingly, she neglected to transfer the monies to the authorised gift account, raising worries about the fundraising process’s transparency and integrity.

According to reports, evidence corroborating this claim has been obtained, escalating the ongoing argument.

Jasmine’s friend wrote in the chat;

“Please i want to tell you something that is going on in mr Ibu’s life.

Jazmine said i shouldn’t tell you yet but i can’t keep quiet, When mr Ibu fell sick, it was Jazmine who took him to the hospital and as at then mr Ibu and his wife were not in good terms.

“She told Jazmine to beg the husband so she could come visit them and Jazmine did. So she came to the hospital and made videos of her shaving the husband’s beards. When donations started coming in i went to the hospital to visit them, i learnt the wife was saying they should buy her a new car, IPhone 15 and pay her rent from the money When mr Ibu has not even done any surgery.

“They opened a new account for the donation, and they refused to give the woman access to the account. She has been so bitter. She is always talking of changing her lifestyle. Bla bla bla!

I heard one guy was saying he wants to sell Mr Ibu’s properties, i was forced to ask the guy who he was to mr Ibu and he said he is the wife’s cousin.

“That’s the same guy that was in the video with the lady when they were calling out Actor’s Guild Nigeria. The same guy told Jazmine that eye wey see go chop that is they should share the money When mr Ibu is not even well yet.

“One of Jazmine’s friend went to visit my Ibu, the wife used her own account to collect 1 million and never sent it to the donation account. I have evidence. Now they have taking Jazmine’s name to a native doctor. That she is blocking their way. Please i don’t want anything to happen to her. The native doctor called Jazmine.

“Jazmine doesn’t want to cry out

I am speaking up for her since she is still covering up for them. The day mr Ibu did his first surgery he kept saying ‘My wife wants to kill me with cult boys’. Please i don’t know how we can beg the government to come carry him. The wife doesn’t love him. There are evidences of him saying his wife wants to kill him. They are planning to take over the account.”

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