Odumeje’s Cryptic Message to Poco Lee Sparks Speculation Online
Odumeje's Cryptic Message to Poco Lee Sparks Speculation Online

Renowned clergyman Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere, also known as Odumeje, has stirred speculation online with a strong message directed at popular dancer Poco Lee.

Odumeje's Cryptic Message to Poco Lee Sparks Speculation Online

Odumeje, who is currently in London for his concert at the Lighthouse Theatre, took a moment to address Poco Lee in a video message. In the video, he wagged his finger and declared that he is "coming for" Poco Lee. The exact meaning behind his message is unclear, as is the reason for its delivery. However, some netizens have suggested that Poco Lee should reach out to Odumeje and seek forgiveness.

Read some comments below:

ada_chelsea said: “pity anyone who thinks this man is a real man of God.”

mmadu_izuchukwu said: “The name pocolee sounds like one his powers”

domingo_loso said: “Egbe, he is about to lelease the 78 powasss”

queentora_ said: “Church members have told him he is trending online”

nnamdindu_ray said: “Ever since ODUMEJE left to London 285 with all his Powers. Alot has been happening in Nigeria”

effedeborah said: “Maybe he wants Pocolee to dance in his music video.. make una no fear”

jaylodolls said: “I love indaboski”

mykel_payne said: “Poco cant dance his way out of this one. Better go collect dabuskabash”

gpbillss said: “Poco please send an apology 29 letter now else na just one drop of Abidoshaker and u are gone”

xan_draa_ said: “Poco Lee better go drink abito shaker Ugo no weda u go fit shake ur sef out of dis one”

rapture_evangelist said: “So you too may keep watch! for you do not know the day or hour of my return. Matt 25:13 NLT”

absutrends said: “Wetin poco Don go do”

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