“Person wey no get sense”- Mummy replies BBNaija Star Tacha after rains of insult
“Person wey no get sense”- Mummy replies BBNaija Star Tacha after rains of insult

A woman who break the internet, after revealing that she do wake up by 4am to cook for her husband, famously known as Mummy Zee, has slammed ex Big Brother Naija Housemate Tacha after massive rain of insult.

“Person wey no get sense”- Mummy replies BBNaija Star Tacha after rains of insult

The BBNaija star who attacked Mummy for waking up by 4am to cook for her husband on a popular podcast “spill with Phyna” didn’t stop there, she also draft a lengthy note of insult to berate the magnanimous act of Mummy Zee to her husband. 

According to Tacha, in her post she said “Take a look at this homeless piece of sh*t with zero self esteem. Zomb*e that has zero ability to think for herself at her big age!!

“Really hope you use all that community funds you got from begging to actually send your daughter to a good school! that way she doesn’t turn out this stup!d “hat!ng on a fellow woman because it is popular to do so!! or waking up 4am to cook rubbish for a long-throat hungry looking man”.

“See!! it’ll never be my fault y’all don’t understand “context” and to even think I was praising this fuul on an episode of the Big Friday show is just funny.”

Tacha who slammed Mummy Zee for receiving help from Netizens has face her own loom has  a picture surfaced online showing were fans were donating a sum of £100,000 after the big brother reality show.

Mummy Zee who replied Tacha’s ranting, with a line “Person wey no get sense” has given her an edge as Netizens replied the ex bbnaija star  in a harsh manner.

Here are some reply below:

@kenekenekene: “She’s not homeless anymore; she’s still husbandless though.

She seems really hurt.”

@mister_ade5: “She Dey bitter say God don do am for another person apart from her 😂”

@iam_joshoodz: “Person wey dey survive with Public funds.”


Let’s take it from a real Angle, I WONDER HOW YOIR HOME WILL BE IF YOU WILL EVER GET ONE TACHA, that’s why you won’t get married early,  the shade you are throwing against Mummy ZEE is off no essence, I mean it’s just  pure nuisance, For God sake, everyone has how their own glory will shine, she woke on a morning with a clean mind to just post her statement of waking up 4:00am to cook for her husband and since that’s how she will shine, everyone got up with her, And you also wouldn’t have have your fame if you hadn’t gone to the house!! So what’s your point of just picking your phone to abuse her,  looking at it, SHE IS FAR BETTER THAN YOU, She never said her home wasn’t going fine before all this, she had televisions and phone, She’s married and you aren’t at this your age, All you know how to do is to go Online and Insult people older than you, cause they aren’t sl33ut like you, don’t go and learn about home building @Symply_Tacha.”

@chisomazuibuike: “You just proved the woman right, you nor really get Sense 😢.”

@unkleayo: “At least she doesn't have the dissapearing tattoo of a strange man laying fallow in between her breasts.

This is the least despicable stunt you pulled just to clench fame and you dare talk about "self esteem"? 

She didn't even insult you. She just made a statement of fact..”

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