“This is too much, no one deserves this” – Bobrisky reacts to Jay Boogie’s critical condition 

Following the video posted on Shegzeblog page on X, popular Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky has reacted to the present condition of renowned transgender Jay Boogie promising to assist, despite their differences.

“This is too much, no one deserves this” – Bobrisky reacts to Jay Boogie’s critical condition 

Transgender Jay Boogie is now in a critical condition due to an unsuccessful BBL surgery, also both of his kidneys have failed and he has been unable to urinate for almost a month.

Jay Boogie who has released series of videos where he begs Nigerians for assistance, claiming that she has spent all of his life money on his current hospitalisation.

However, Jay Boogie’s appeal for help has elicited varied emotions, as he is bullied by many for being transgender, and some have stated that they will never help him.

This development irritated many people, including Bobrisky, who had previously shaded Jay Boogie due to surgery difficulties.

Bobrisky criticised individuals for tormenting Jay Boogie because he publicly sought help for his current situation.

He did, however, offer to assist Jay Boogie and asked people to notify him of where he could find him.

According to Bobrisky, he said “No one deserve to go through dis… not even ur hater. Yes at first i was hurt jaybogie came for me many times on her page without doing anything to her Yeah i called out one of her friend one time like that but was surprised jaybogie supported him then. 

“Anyways that’s not the case now. I need to come in now. I’m tired of how people keep bullying her just because she came out to ask for help. Someone need to inform me where to see her . Firstly i need to hug her let her feel loved.”

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