Tolanibaj’s Words Come Back to Haunt Her in Big Brother Naija Love Triangle:
Tolanibaj's Words Come Back to Haunt Her in Big Brother Naija Love Triangle:

A resurfaced tweet from a previous season of Big Brother Naija contestant Tolanibaj has caused a stir in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house.

The tweet, in which Tolanibaj criticized womewho are obsessed with men, has gained traction on social media as viewers debate the appropriateness of her comments.

The tweet comes at a time when Tolanibaj is embroiled in a love triangle with fellow housemates Neo and Ilebaye, adding fuel to the fire.

While some are defending Tolanibaj's past remarks, others are questioning her hypocrisy given her current situation.

Reactions trailing Tolanibaj for carrying a man on her head
MR_JiBoLA said: “Don’t be misled by people on Twitter. They drop their phones and start doing the opposite of what they just preached.”

_JUSTADACHI opined: “I’m from the future and I’m here to tell you that you’ll embarrass yourself for two seasons on the same show for two different men who don’t give a fvck about you. #bbnaijaAllstars”

Irunnia_ noted: “But your own worse now. You dey even harass your fellow woman because of man.”

AdeboyBilly said: “You are really finished, you will come out and see yourself.”

midonations penned: “Ladies like this are actually boring, single and bitter at this point but once they get an attention, they unleash their true clingy, obsessed,Ruth-abokoku character. When the man dumps them, they go back to their bitter coven to tweet nonsense again which Tolani will still do.”

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