“Your Excellency, good intentions are mere intentions without proper implementations.”- Seyi Law slams Tinubu 
“Your Excellency, good intentions are mere intentions without proper implementations.”- Seyi Law slams Tinubu 

Nigerian popular comedian Seyi Law has berated President Bola Ahmed Tinubu over the dilemma that’s hovering in the country.

“Your Excellency, good intentions are mere intentions without proper implementations.”- Seyi Law slams Tinubu 

Seyi law who is known to be one of the most loyal fan  during the Presidential campaign of Tinubu has turn back against him after numerous fruitless promises that keeps dragging the country into the pit. 

Seyi law urge the President to stop give the citizens false hope and dive straight to action because Nigerians are not ready for unrealistic claims anymore.

According to the comedian’s lengthy note on the popular microblogging platform Twitter, he said “AN OPEN LETTER TO MR. PRESIDENT.

Mr. President, @officialABAT

I know you're not new to the complexity of governance in Nigeria, and I truly hope you're feeling the pulse of the nation at this point in time. I am one of your ardent supporters, and I won't hesitate to be one of your critics when necessary. Sir, may I cast your mind back to 2012 when your party was able to convince Nigerians who had just had a beautiful yuletide celebration to take over the street in protest of the removal of subsidy on fuel. It was such a turning point for Jonathan's administration and ushered in President Muhammadu Buhari. It might interest you to know that I wasn't one of the Nigerians convinced then to vote Buhari. Can you now imagine what great protest it would be for Nigerians to troop into the streets because of hunger, insecurity and inability to afford basic amenities?. I don't want to imagine it and talk more of joining them.

Your Excellency, good intentions are mere intentions without proper implementations. There are certain things that I expected will be quickly fixed to mitigate the impact of the fuel subsidy removal. I am yet to see a fully implemented plan in the short term. I used Moses and the Israelites' journey from Egypt as an analogy in one of my write-ups, and it wasn't a mistake. It was deliberate as you probably know that the Israelites got to a point and began to complain, preferring to go back to slavery in Egypt rather than moving forward. They got tired of Manna, and now Nigerians are asking, "Where is our manna for this time?" I waited for almost 2 years to join a protest against the former President Buhari's administration because I believe that at least every new administration needs a minimum of one and a half years to stabilise. For every tick and tock on the clock, time is running on your administration. 

Mr. President, it will be sad to lose the goodwill of over 8.9 million people who voted you because of the incompetence of the people in your cabinet. I believe at the mark of one year, there should be an appraisal of everyone, and those found wanting must go. Please, Sir, we are waiting patiently on the PCNG buses initiative and soft measures on food availability and affordability. The issue of electricity is deeply concerning. We need members of your cabinet to communicate more effectively with visible action plans. Nigerians followed the continuous updates from the minister of interior, the actions of Governor Wike, and the progress of minister Bosun Tijani. We are therefore forced to ask what the others are doing because we don't want a situation where someone who served with you will enjoy the liberty of going on the media to proffer solutions where he or she one's failed.

While I support your Excellency, I will keep asking the tough questions and not stop until you achieve success for the greater good of the nation. This nation must and should be better for all. 

Thank you, your Excellency. 


Recall Shegzeblog reported earlier today that some group of Nigerians has come out in numbers to protest against the failed administration, leaving the country in a state of confusion.

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