Amaechi Muonagor cries out from suffering from kidney disease
Amaechi Muonagor cries out from suffering from kidney disease

A recent video depicts Amaechi Muonagor, a veteran Nollywood actor, speaking from his sickbed. Muonagor, a familiar face in Nollywood, was rumored to have kidney problems a few months ago, and his condition now appears to have worsened.

Amaechi Muonagor cries out from suffering from kidney disease

In the circulating online video, Muonagor is seen attempting to communicate while lying on his sickbed.

Unfortunately, he was barely audible in the video, only managing to greet in Igbo before saying other things that were incomprehensible due to his weak voice.

The video triggered an outpouring of emotional responses from internet users who sympathized with the ailing actor. Muonagor's face appeared swollen, and a plaster was visible on his chest.

One @geraldekeh89 wrote: “God why kidney what are we eating In Nigeria.”

@bigfish_011 wrote: “This is what will happen to all of you smoking loud colos ice and so on later you better stop it now.”

frankie8222 wrote: “I think it’s Time Nollywood as an association should set up a life insurance scheme even if it means debiting them from their payments early enough so that in the case of eventuality there could be some financial comfort to ameliorate and cushion the burden.”

tenaciouslizzy wrote: “Something strange is happening I think NAFDAC should look into food and other edible products the Nigerian people are consuming to be sure kidney damage or liver failure are not caused by food or edible products sold to the public. I pray he gets help and healing.”

real_abbati247 wrote: “These are people that made our childhood fun and memorable 😭😭😭😭😭.
olawaleadekoya: Eeei God. . but why is it always kidney problems. . . God abeg😢.”

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