Korra Obidi Clarifies Vacation Amid Legal Fundraising Controversy
Korra Obidi Clarifies Vacation Amid Legal Fundraising Controversy

Famous dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, responds to criticisms regarding her recent Hawaii vacation following her successful fundraising campaign that generated over $50,000 for her legal fees.

Korra Obidi Clarifies Vacation Amid Legal Fundraising Controversy

Recall that the single mother of two had previously turned to social media to seek support from Nigerians and her fans worldwide to assist with legal expenses related to her ex-husband. She requested donations to her GoFundMe account, specifying that the funds would be used for legal representation.

Despite this, some individuals speculated that she used the donated money for her vacation in Hawaii. Korra has now addressed these allegations, clarifying that the vacation was planned and booked before she made the appeal for donations.

She emphasized that the money raised will be allocated precisely as promised, urging critics to trust in the transparency of her fundraising efforts.

Check out reactions below …
oluwagifted12 said: “She’ll regret this thing, Them no dey talk to Nigerians like this 😂”

officialkirian commented: “Very ungrateful 😮 I pity her donators 😂”

acupofpeacefulmind_ stated: “Is this not someone that’s was crying on live video begging for gofundme? Even if she has booked before the gofundme this is not how to speak to people who helped , she should have just explain I see why some people don’t like helping thou this life is full of ungrateful people”

giftadene opined: “Even if you booked it 10 years ago, flaunting it online is insensitive”

mabels.l stated: “Exactly what I said yesterday,she will come out and say she booked the trip since….Nigerians and misplaced priorities, you can’t help people close to you,but na total stranger,wey be celebrity sef,una go help.. check comment sections everyday you will see someone begging for 1k to eat,you all will go under the comments and insult the person,but u are here doing go fund me for a celebrity that is living and working abroad.. who do us this thing abeg 😢😢… as I dey type this comment sef,na with borrowed data,but if I beg now,na una go still insult me… na korra fit all of una.. you all will learn the hard way.”

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