“Peruzzi left the house I rented for him at Sangotedo and moved into Davido’s house … he poisoned Davido’s mind about me”-Patrick Anyaene reveals
“Peruzzi left the house I rented for him at Sangotedo and moved into Davido’s house … he poisoned Davido’s mind about me”-Patrick Anyaene reveals

Patrick Anyaene, a music executive, has accused Peruzzi, a Nigerian singer, of leaving the house he rented for him in Sangotedo and moving into Davido's house.

In a recent interview Anyaene further claimed that Peruzzi poisoned Davido's mind against him.

He said :
"It's a very sensitive part of things and if am going to be very honest and clear to anyone that's watch this I will say this with my full chest….. Uhmm I signed peruzzi on a three years contract in 2016, November 2016 to expire 2019, between that time I shot about four to five music videos for him, I promoted " for your pocket '. I did everything I could do as a record label executive to make sure he reached where he needed to reach in his career but at that same time somewhere around 2017, I had to go for a surgery in the UK and that was the time he took it as an opportunity to do what he wanted to do by meeting Davido and after meeting Davido, Davido found interest in his music and that's okay cause as an upcoming label I saw it as" wow I love Davido and he likes the music we are putting out it's a great opportunity for us to move forward from here I'm going to come back to Nigeria and we can move forward". I came back to Nigeria I rented a house for him in sangotedo a six bedroom apartment we rented the house in Lagos and in ikoyi we rented a three bedroom flats, built a studio I was like peruzzi let's go hard on this music but instead what he decided to do was to move out of the house I got for him and moved into davido's house so he can be under davido's roof which is a slap to my person cuz I'm like I signed you why are you then moving to davido's house but no problem how can we move forward so I was like let me have meetings with Davido, ASA,banko and see how we can move forward instead of going into details of what happened in a nutshell peruzzi completely cut me off from actually having access to David by actually telling David things about me they're wearing true just to paint me just to paint an image of myself to him to make a davido hate me and God knows that the reason why he was doing that was because he wanted to benefit only from dmw without without me because apparently I believe, factually I knew too much about peruzzi and his shenanigans that he did not want to get me involved in davido circle because you did not want to be exposed for who he actually is but that wasn't my business I'm a businessman you can do what you like that's your personal problem but my own is I've invested 25 million on top your matter guy how can we move forward if you want to be chasing goats on the side that's not my business my business is what I have invested in you because it's all obvious that I am no longer relevant to you by moving out of the property I bought for you the amount of money I invested on you and everything it became very clear to me that he was completely trying to sabotage everything I've done for him by cooking up lies against me even to the point even the point that davido was calling me names on the internet use of it and know about the story should know davido called me names and said what I didn't do and you play talk to me and I replied which made him hard even relationship issues."

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